Ketterer’s Men

in collaboration with


are proud to present

William Shakespeare and George Wilkins’s


The Hall of the

Shakespeare Institute

20 - 22 February 2014

7 :30pm

Matinee on Saturday 22 February

2 pm

Prices £10 (£8 concessions)

Tickets on the door




Will Sharpe

It's back! The unremitting charm, warmth and goodness of Shakespeare's craziest play will not be silenced, and Ketterer's Men with JennyWentAway are proud to announce the return of this magical production for one weekend only! Banish the winter blues and join us for an evening of music, performance, laughter, sorrow and, at last, joy, as we - fittingly for this play - bring Pericles back to life! It is a play that we feel reflects perfectly the warm, redemptive spirit and heartfelt honesty and integrity with which Lizz lived her life, and we want to share with you the closing chapter in her story as we see it. Ketterer’s Men has been an incredible force for good in the wake of Lizz’s death, already funding two scholarships for students from her beloved Winedale Shakespeare community to come to Stratford and follow in her footsteps. The first run was a truly moving experience for both cast and audience, and we can’t wait to share it again with as many of you as can make it. Clearly lots of you won’t be able to charm the narrow seas to get here, but any donations (no matter how big or small) you might feel inclined to make can be done here.


Ronan Hatfull                  Cleon / First Lord / Boult

Jenny Bulcraig                 Thaisa / Diana / Musician

Chris Gleason                   Mariner / Refugee / Leonine

José A. Pérez Díez             Simonides

Peter Malin                       Gower

Charlie Morton                 Pericles

Louis Osborne                   Thaliard / Second Fisherman /

                                           Cerimon / First Gentleman

Will Sharpe                       Lysimachus / Musician / Various


Peter M. Smith                  Antiochus / Third Fisherman / First

                                           Sailor / Bawd

David Waterman               Helicanus / First Fisherman / Pandar

Jen Waghorn                     Musician

Cecilia Kendall White      Daughter of Antiochus / Dionyza /

                                           Philemon / Musician

Laura Young                     Lychorida / Marina


Director, concept, and movement - Will Sharpe

Technical Director - David J. Graybill

Photography - Clare Sykes

Poster - Gary Archer

Programme design and publicity - Sara Marie Westh

Original music, musical direction, and wedding dance choreography by


Stage Manager - Phillippa Green

Lighting, sound, and stage design - Will Sharpe and David J. Graybill

Assistant Stage Manager - emma poltrack

Flyer design - Robert F. Ball

Publicity - Sara Marie Westh, José A. Pérez Díez, and Robert F. Ball