The Beaumont and Fletcher Marathon

Reading ALL the plays in the Beaumont & Fletcher canon

53 plays and 1 masque in 19 days!

The Shakespeare Institute


10 to 29 June 2013


In June 2013, the Shakespeare Institute is hosting a remarkable and unprecedented cultural event: the first public reading of the whole canon of plays written by John Fletcher and Francis Beaumont.

The event is convened by Dr Martin Wiggins, Senior Lecturer, Fellow, and Tutor for Research at the Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon, who was Lizz Ketterer’s PhD supervisor.

Dr Wiggins is the author of British Drama 1533-1642: A Catalogue (Oxford University Press, 2012—), the most comprehensive resource for the study of English Renaissance drama. The first two volumes have already appeared, with the third following in June 2013.

The Beaumont and Fletcher Marathon organised by the Lizz Ketterer Trust will be supporting his work on the dating of these plays by field testing his proposed chronological order of composition in the readings.

Our readers will be getting through three plays a day — morning, afternoon, and evening sessions — for three weeks, taking only two Sundays off (please see the programme below).

The Trust will be setting up a procedure by which donors will be able to sponsor our readers.

If you wish to sign up as a reader for any number of plays — or for the whole marathon — please contact the event coordinator, José A. Pérez Díez, on:

The readings will take place in the Reading Room of the Shakespeare Institute, in Stratford-upon-Avon. Visitors are also welcome to attend as auditors. The text of the plays will be projected on the Reading Room screen.

We will also be recording the readings for archival purposes, and a copy will be deposited at the Shakespeare Institute Library for the use of future researchers.

We may also podcast live a selection of plays online — please let the event co-ordinator know if there are any plays you would particularly want us to make available in this way.

The Programme


Monday 10 June               

                                         10:30    The Woman Hater

                                         14:30    Cupid’s Revenge

                                         19:00    The Knight of the Burning Pestle

Tuesday 11 June               

                                         10:30    The Faithful Shepherdess

                                         14:30    Philaster, or Love Lies a-Bleeding

                                         19:00    The Coxcomb

Wednesday 12 June          

                                         10:30    The Woman’s Prize, or The Tamer Tamed

                                         14:30    The Scornful Lady

                                         19:00    A King and No King

Thursday 13 June             

                                         10:30    The Maid’s Tragedy

                                         14:30    The Captain

                                         19:00    All Is True (Henry VIII)

Friday 14 June                 

                                         10:30    Cardenio

                                         14:30    The Masque of the Inner Temple and Gray’s Inn

                                                    and Four Plays in One

                                         19:00    The Honest Man’s Fortune

Saturday 15 June              

                                         10:30    The Two Noble Kinsmen

                                         14:30    Bonduca

                                         19:00    The Tragedy of Valentinian


Monday 17 June               

                                         10:30    The Night-Walkers

                                         14:30    Wit Without Money

                                         19:00    Love’s Cure, or The Martial Maid

Tuesday 18 June              

                                         10:30    Monsieur Thomas

                                         14:30    Love’s Pilgrimage

                                         19:00    Beggars’ Bush

Wednesday 19 June          

                                         10:30    The Mad Lover

                                         14:30    The Chances

                                         19:00    Thierry and Theodoret

Thursday 20 June            

                                         10:30    The Queen of Corinth

                                         14:30    The Elder Brother

                                         19:00   The Knight of Malta

Friday 21 June                  

                                         10:30    The Loyal Subject

                                         14:30   The Humorous Lieutenant

                                         19:00    Sir John van Oldenbarnevelt

Saturday 22 June              

                                         10:30    The Custom of the Country

                                         14:30    The Bloody Brother

                                         19:00    The False One


Monday 24 June               

                                         10:30    The Wild-Goose Chase

                                         14:30    Women Pleased

                                         19:00   The Island Princess

Tuesday 25 June               

                                         10:30    A Very Woman

                                         14:30    The Pilgrim

                                         19:00    The Double Marriage

Wednesday 26 June          

                                         10:30    The Prophetess

                                         14:30   The Sea Voyage

                                         19:00   The Nice Valour

Thursday 27 June             

                                         10:30    The Spanish Curate

                                         14:30    The Little French Lawyer

                                         19:00    The Maid of the Mill

Friday 28 June                 

                                         10:30   The Wandering Lovers

                                         14:30    A Wife for a Month

                                         19:00   Rule a Wife and Have a Wife

Saturday 29 June             

                                         10:30    The Fair Maid of the Inn

                                         14:30    The Noble Gentleman