The Heywood Marathon

Reading ALL the plays by Thomas Heywood

37 plays in 20 days!

The Shakespeare Institute


9 to 28 June 2014


Following in the footsteps of the 2013 Beaumont and Fletcher Marathon, a remarkable and unprecedented cultural event that witnessed the reading of all 53 plays and 1 masque written by John Fletcher and his collaborators.

This year we turn our attention to Thomas Heywood, and we will be reading all the plays attributed to him. If last year the primary scholarly aim of the marathon was to study the precise chronology of Fletcher’s plays, this year we will be looking out for the authorship of some plays traditionally attributed to Heywood, but whose authorship is still disputed.

The event is convened by Dr Martin Wiggins, Senior Lecturer, Fellow, and Tutor for Research at the Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon, who was Lizz Ketterer’s PhD supervisor.

Dr Wiggins is the author of British Drama 1533-1642: A Catalogue (Oxford University Press, 2012—), the most comprehensive resource for the study of English Renaissance drama. The first two volumes appeared in 2o12, and the third was published during the Beaumont and Fletcher Marathon in June 2013. The fourth will follow later in 2014.

If in 2013 we read three plays a day, this year we have decided to read two, providing a free slot for private work once a day. We will be reading at this pace for three weeks, taking only two days off (please see the programme below).

The Trust will be very grateful for any sponsorship: please donate through PayPal, by cheque, or in cash. More information and Gift Aid declarations are available here.

If you wish to sign up as a reader for any number of plays — or for the whole marathon — please contact the event coordinator, Helen Osborne, on:

The readings will take place in the Reading Room of the Shakespeare Institute, in Stratford-upon-Avon. Visitors are also welcome to attend as auditors. The text of the plays will be projected on the Reading Room screen.

We will also be recording the readings for archival purposes, and a copy will be deposited at the Shakespeare Institute Library for the use of future researchers.

The Programme


Monday 9 June               

                                         10:00    Captain Thomas Stukley

                                         14:30    1 Edward IV (?)

                                         19:00    OFF

Tuesday 10 June               

                                         10:00    2 Edward IV (?)

                                         14:30    OFF

                                         19:00    Sir Thomas More

Wednesday 11 June          

                                         10:00    OFF

                                         14:30    How a Man May Choose a Good Wife from

                                               a Bad (?)

                                         19:00    The Fair Maid of the Exchange (?)

Thursday 12 June             

                                         10:00    The Four Prentices of London

                                         14:30    Sir Thomas Wyatt

                                         19:00    OFF

Friday 13 June                 

                                         10:00    A Woman Killed with Kindness

                                         14:30    The Troubles of Queen Elizabeth

                                         19:00    OFF

Saturday 14 June

                                                      DAY OFF


Sunday 15 June            

                                         10:00    2 If You Know Not Me, You Know Nobody

                                         14:30    The Royal King and the Loyal Subject

                                         19:00    OFF


Monday 16 June               

                                         10:00    The Rape of Lucrece

                                         14:30    The Fair Maid of the West

                                         19:00    OFF

Tuesday 17 June              

                                         10:00    The Golden Age

                                         14:30    OFF

                                         19:00    The Silver Age

Wednesday 18 June          

                                         10:00    OFF

                                         14:30    The Brazen Age

                                         19:00    1 The Iron Age

Thursday 19 June            

                                         10:00    2 The Iron Age

                                         14:30    Tom o’Lincoln (?)

                                         19:00   OFF

Friday 20 June                  

                                         10:00    Thorny Abbey (?)

                                         14:30   An Old Law

                                         19:00    OFF

Saturday 21 June              

                                         10:00    Guy of Warwick (?)

                                         14:30    The Thracian Wonder (?)

                                         19:00    OFF

Sunday 22 June

                                                      DAY OFF


Monday 23 June               

                                         10:00    The Wise Woman of Hoxton

                                         14:30    Fortune by Land and Sea

                                         19:00   OFF

Tuesday 24 June               

                                         10:00    A New Wonder, a Woman Never Vexed (?)

                                         14:30    OFF

                                         19:00    The English Traveller

Wednesday 25 June          

                                         10:00    OFF

                                         14:30   A Cure for a Cuckold

                                         19:00   The Captives

Thursday 26 June             

                                         10:00    Appius and Virginia

                                         14:30    2 The Fair Maid of the West

                                         19:00    OFF

Friday 27 June                 

                                         10:00   A Maidenhead Well Lost

                                         14:30    The Witches of Lancashire

                                         19:00   OFF

Saturday 28 June             

                                         10:00    Love’s Mistress

                                         14:30    Amphrisa the Forsaken Shepherdess and

                                                    A Challenge for Beauty